Get the Facts About Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals provide tangible benefits to providers, residents, travelers, businesses, and the local community. As such, it is important to ensure that communities develop smart regulations for governing short-term rentals that establish safeguards for both providers and travelers, alleviate neighborhood concerns, and offer a framework that promotes compliance.

Get the Facts About Short-Term Rentals

By definition, a short-term rental is a property that is rented for less that 30 consecutive days. And while the ability to locate short-term rentals online has made them more accessible and affordable…

Because technology has made is possible for travelers and providers to connect, the growing popularity of short-term rentals was inevitable. Remember, travelers have been utilizing short-term rentals in some areas of the country for more than a hundred years. As short-term rentals grow in popularity among travelers, policymakers should embrace the wonderful opportunity they present by formalizing and legalizing short-term rentals as accommodations.

In crafting short-term rental regulation, it's important that policymakers recognize the value of short-term rentals in providing flexible housing, and legalize and formalize short-term rentals as a unique and valuable alternative for travelers. They also need to recognize that short-term rentals are a non-commercial activity, governed by the same or similar guidelines and laws as those governing long-term residential rental properties, including the absence of additional laws or ordinances for dealing with nuisance issues already covered under existing municipal and city codes. Under any regulations, all short-term rentals should be treated the same, without differentiations between residency, use, advertising or booking platforms or business models, and that if fees associated with licensing or permitting are part of the local regulation, ensuring they are manageable goes a long way to encouraging compliance.

Most importantly, successful short-term rental regulations should be developed through an open and transparent dialogue between you, as a provider, policymakers, industry stakeholders, and the entire community.