Continue to Engage

As the saying goes: "Success is never final, failure is never fatal." If you have successfully advocated for short-term rentals in your community and seen positive policy enacted, congratulations! You have shown what a little passion and hard work can accomplish. But, don’t be lulled into a false sense of completion. The fight continues as proponents of dangerous short-term rental policies will continue to seek new ways of attacking the short-term rental economy. If success is to be sustained, you and your fellow advocates must continue to engage with local policymakers, community leaders, neighbors, and media outlets. By ensuring that your voice continues to be heard by all stakeholders in the local community, you ensure that short-term rentals continue to have a seat at the public policy table – protecting yourself and future generations of short-term rental travelers from damaging STR initiatives.

Continue to Engage

To continue the engagement consider any of the following:

Keep your STRAC chapter active by continuing to meet and share positive short-term rental experiences.

Keep the lines of communication open with your elected officials by attending council meetings, sending positive press to your legislators office, and meeting your elected officials out at public events.

Ensure the drum beat of positive messaging carries the day with local media outlets by writing periodic letters to the editor or releasing new or updated data from surveys and economic studies.

Continue to engage on social media by posting relevant articles and proactively sharing stories from your guests.

Never forget that you are on the frontlines in protecting short-term rentals in your community. Encourage smart enforcement, track local progress, promote continued engagement with stakeholders, and share your experiences with the Short Term Rental Advocacy Center.